Customer Service and Product Quality at FishMart SG

31 May

Customer Service and Product Quality at FishMart SG

“fishesd – good customer service and excellent product quality – that’s what I expect from a grocery store.” That was how Marylin likens her experience at FishMart with her colleague at the store, Linda. Each week, FishMart SG is one of the most visited seafood stores in Singapore. Located in the Bugis Street shopping area, FishMart displays a wide variety of well-established brands as well as some new ones, all under the leadership of its director, Mr. Lim Yean, with an experienced team of Seafood specialists.

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The latest addition to the FishMart family is the Big Boss selection. This product is noted for its large size, giving customers the impression that they are going to get something big when they open the box. Inside, customers are treated to a lively greeting from the employees, an extensive array of healthful side dishes, and a large selection of fresh-caught seafood, to be delivered right to your doorstep. This brand has been sold in various Asian countries for quite some time, but it was not until recently that it came to Singapore. FishMart has a very large selection of Big Boss products that are available from Thursday to Sunday, and they also have daily deals during the festive seasons.

Apart from being sold in small packages, FishMart also sells its own branded products. In fact, it has its very own private label product, the Big Boss Salmon, which has set the bar very high for other fresh seafood brands. The selection of both branded products and private labels is very comprehensive, and customers can be assured that they will get exactly what they want. And the good thing is that they can avail these products just about anywhere – either at the corner shop or from a reliable online seafood vendor.

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