Landscaping Ideas For Hills

2 Jul

Landscaping Ideas For Hills

In landscaping on a hill, you have to use different tools than what you use in landscaping on a flat or level ground. If you build a retaining wall up in the hills, you will find it easier to move a big rock over and place smaller rocks in its place. When planning your landscaping on a hill, you should plan it according to the shape of the hill. For instance, if you have a very sharp slope, you might want to place the largest rock at the bottom and gradually work it upwards. If the slope is gradual, with many small rocks scattered along the path, it will be hard to tell where the top of the mountain is and where the bottom is.

Landscaping on a Sloping Hill: How to Prevent Ecologically Damaging Landscapes

Another consideration when landscaping on a hill is the type of vegetation you will want to use. If you have large rocks, you would naturally have trees and shrubs planted on the low ground around the hill; if you have more flat ground, then you might want to plant grass and bushes. The height of your landscaping will also be affected by how you are going to set the retaining walls up. If you are putting up the walls by means of ladders, you can keep the plants closer to the ground; if you are putting them up by using cement circles, then you can build the circle high enough so that it will cover the entire hill.

When landscaping on a hill, you will not only need to look into your landscaping ideas for the base of your landscaping, but you should also look into landscaping ideas for the higher slopes as well. If you have flat ground, then you do not really need to put as much in the way of landscaping up at the top of the hill. However, if you have a steep slope, then there are several ways you can make your landscaping on a hill attractive and interesting. You could make use of large rocks, planting grass and bushes, building stone retaining walls, or using large boulders.

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