Pre-Certification Home Inspection – What Does It Mean?

5 Apr

Pre-Certification Home Inspection – What Does It Mean?

Home inspections can be done professionally or unprofessionally. Professional home inspections involve a qualified and licensed home inspector who carries the proper licensing and certification to do such inspections. Home inspectors are persons who are professionally trained to inspect homes and assess the current condition of the home so as to either make repairs or do an evaluation of the home’s value. They also inspect for problems related to structural integrity, electrical safety, plumbing systems, air conditioning systems, heating system, water systems, and major appliances. A home inspection is normally limited, non-intrusive, and not recommended for prior purchase or resale of the home.

Important Of The Home Inspections

It’s important to get home inspections done as a means to prevent problems before they become serious. Buyers should be provided with a complete home inspection report at closing. This report includes detailed information about the conditions of the property, the systems installed, and the status of the plumbing, heating, cooling, and electrical systems. If there are problems discovered during the home inspections or during the buyer’s inspection, the seller should be made aware of these matters. In the case of buyer inspection, the report should contain recommendations about what repairs need to be made, and what needs to be replaced. The report should also include any recommendations concerning what should be done to bring the home up to code, and what should be replaced.

There are laws in many states pertaining to home inspections and the right of the seller to request a pre-inspection interview. Most states require that the inspector have a license and take an oath at the beginning of the interview. When the home inspector does the actual inspection, this portion is referred to as the post-inspection interview. This interview varies from one state to another; it may cover a wide range of services and procedures as well as a detailed discussion of the findings of the inspection. The home inspector will provide the buyer with written reports on the specific areas that were inspected. Buyers can use these reports to decide whether to pursue the purchase of the home.

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