Real Estate Problems Solved With We Buy Houses

6 Mar

Real Estate Problems Solved With We Buy Houses

If you need a way to sell a house fast in Louisville, we are ready to help! Buy Houses Louisville can help you sell a house fast with our no-hassle approach that guarantees top dollar for your investment property. We take the guesswork out of selling a house by having listings of all the properties that we own so that it is simple for you to contact us to list your property. We offer services such as free online listing, free flyer printing, direct mail services and even listing in multiple real estate directories online.

Real Estate Contracts – Buying Vs Selling

We Buy Houses In Louisville is an ever growing multi-family real estate investment property management company that buys and sells homes in the greater Louisville area. We Buy Houses, as we have been called since we opened in Louisville in 1997, is a privately held business that is owned by two men, Ray White and Dean Henderson. We Buy Houses, has been a great success for both the investors and the sellers in the Louisville area. We buy houses, do remodels and repairs, sell houses and eventually end up with a portfolio of properties that we either lease to other real estate investors or use ourselves as rental properties. We are a one-family-run business that purchases properties, mends them, cleans them up, and re-furbishes them again so that they are attractive market sellers once again.

As you see, there are many advantages to selling your house in the Louisville area using We Buy Houses Louisville, and these advantages will benefit not only the home seller but the entire real estate community as well. Selling a house in this climate can be very difficult and the last thing you need is to go through the stress of having to sell your home yourself, having to work under a hammering broker’s hammer, working with a crazy real estate agent or just plain waiting for someone to show up and offer you a quick cash offer. We Buy Houses, in addition to offering the convenience of fast and easy listing, also offers an immediate cash offer. This cash offer may be anywhere from two weeks to one month depending on the time frame you choose for it.

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