U Clip Hair Extensions – Clip a Hair Extension With Style

7 Feb

U Clip Hair Extensions – Clip a Hair Extension With Style

Clip a Hair Extension from the talented team at U-clip, this product is simple yet very effective. U-clip’s exclusive “Trouver” clip in hair extension do not wear well, but this is where you will find U-clip’s exclusive U-clips. This unique one-piece clip in hair extension adds instant height to long and medium hair, giving you soft bounce with no bounce. The round, textured black hexagon clips on the front of your head with 8 easy snap buttons. On the back side, there are four separate clips for you to choose.


Clip-in hair extensions offer the opportunity for you to experiment with different looks, because you can add or remove these as often as you like. As an added bonus, they are very durable and will last up to three years. They are made of medical grade Medical Vinyl that offers superior strength, durability and resistance to breaking and pulling. Because they have been approved by the FDA, this product is safe and can be used daily.


For best results when using this particular product, do not use it with human hair. Do not try to force it out of your hair because the strength of the clips is much stronger than your own hair. For best results, clip hair extensions are ideal for short hair only, as long as you leave about 1 inch of hair in the extension when you are finished using it. If you are using human hair, you will experience more bounce because the human hair can move around more during blow drying and combing.

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