Cryptocurrencies to Fill in for Indonesia’s Unbanked

We’re currently taking action to bring Bitcoins into the pockets of Indonesia’s massive unbanked and underbanked population, starting with the Bitcoins in Bali project. Bali’s infrastructure in which the villages are organized is unique relative to the rest of the developed world. The challenge this poses calls for entirely creative solutions. The challenge Indonesia occupies the fourth largest seat in the world […]

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hubud bitcoin atm

How to use the Bitcoin ATM at Hubud

Bali is home to two bitcoin ATM machines, and one of them can be found in Hubud, the coworking space in Ubud. Watch an easy-to-follow video to learn how to exchange the Rupiah for Bitcoin.

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Work with Us

We build the bridge between you and the world of digital money. Are you a local restaurant owner in Bali who wants to make more money by accepting bitcoins? We can help! Click the Contact Us button on the bottom-right-hand side of this page.  

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bali bitcoins


Bitcoins in Bali is home to the Bitcoin community in Ubud, Bali. Net TV, national Indonesian television channel, coverage of Bitcoins in Bali:

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