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THE FILTER #107 “Rap Session with Matthew Slater about Money & Society”

Money & Society

Recorded on Sunday December 18, 2016 in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia.

In this episode, I sat down with Matthew Slater, a complementary currency architect and the founder of Community Forge, a non-profit organization that creates tools for building complementary currency communities. Community Forge works with over 400 communities around the world.

Now you may be asking yourself, “What is complementary currency?” Complementary currency is an idea that has been around for a long time, long before Bitcoin even. It’s the idea that a community can create their own medium of exchange and facilitate local trade without having to rely on the national currency. It keeps economic activity local and provides some lubrication when the broader economy begins to slow down. There are many successful examples around the world and Matthew and I discuss some of them and what makes them work.

Many of the ideas we discuss in this interview are explored in greater detail in the Money & Society MOOC. (Massive Open Online Course), authored by Matthew Slater and Dr. Jem Bendell.

Whereas most courses on money are intended for people with an economics background or maybe for people who want to become a banker, this course is for people who are interested in understanding money from a social innovation perspective – it prepares the ground for answering how to create a better future by reshaping money, currency & the society within which these things function.

You can learn more about the Money & Society MOOC at
Money & Society MOOC Signup

Here are some links to the topics we discussed.

Time Banking:

LETS Systems:

Michael Linton (Creator of the LETS system)

WIR system Switzerland

Greek Debt Crisis

Greek Referendum 2015,_2015

Volos TEM,  A complementary currency in Volos, Greece (Video)


Introduction to Bitcoin

Andreas Antonopoulos Beginner Bitcoin Talk (Video)

Mr Robot Television Show

Special Drawing Rights (SDR)

Bernard Lietaer

Charles Eisenstein Sacred Economics (Video)

Bill Still’s “The Money Masters” documentary

Learn more about Matthew Slater and his work in local money systems:

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Community Exchange Systems (CES) is
Community Forge is is the accounting module made by Matthew Slater is the Drupal distribution

Check out the Money & Society MOOC, Authored by Jem Bendell and Matthew Slater
Signup for the Money & Society MOOC

Jem Bendell
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Georg Simmel & The Philosophy of Money

“The Philosophy of Money”  (PDF)

Check out the Credit Commons White Paper

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