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Get Involved

We are building a Bitcoin-friendly paradise in Bali.

We need your help!

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  1. COME TO BALI !!! Join us for our weekly meetings every Tuesday night at 5pm at Hubud. (We can help you get settled if you’d like to move to Bali.)
  2. Join the conversation by joining our Facebook group Bitcoins in Bali
  3. Sign up for our Bitcoin Classes.
  4. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.
  5. Talk to us by hash tagging #bitcoinsinbali on Twitter
  6. Buy some Bitcoin using the Hubud Bitcoin Machine. (video)
  7. Or buy some Bitcoin on the Indonesian Bitcoin Exchange.
  8. Support our local Bitcoin merchants. (Airbitz Directory)

If you decide to stay for a while, why not get involved in helping build the community itself. We need your help!

Please join our Get Involved! mailing list so we can coordinate with you.

We currently seek:

Community Outreach Volunteers
Bitcoin Enthusiasts
Bitcoin Developers (See our RSBP open source POS System)
Web Developers (with an interest in learning Bitcoin)
Podcast/Audio Production
Video Editing & Production
Bahasa Indonesia Translation
“Bali Bitcoin Month” Event Coordinator
Social Media Expert

Bitcoin represents a new monetary system that works in a fair way. It’s the world’s first money that works because everyone knows how much of it exists. It cannot be debased. It cannot be printed. It cannot be created out of thin air. It is a public good that works according to rules that everyone can see.

The potential benefits to humanity are incredible!


  1. Financial tools for 2 Billion people who don’t use banks
  2. Low cost money movement & remittance
  3. An end to “The rich get richer & the poor get poorer”
  4. Fair money for everyone
  5. A return to global market mechanisms that help us all cooperate

This potential can be realised if it is adopted on a wide scale and people can earn it and spend it.

We are trying to solve that practical problem here in Bali by creating a Bitcoin economy.